Everything Is an Afterthought

The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson

Kevin Avery
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Kevin Avery has published over 300 articles and short stories. His fiction has been published in Mississippi Review, Weber Studies, Utah Holiday, and California Quarterly; his nonfiction has appeared in publications as diverse as Penthouse, Salt Lake magazine, CitySearch, and Gallery, where he served as contributing editor for seven years. Kevin is past president of Writers at Work, one of the United States' largest annual writing conferences. In 2005, he sold Four Roses, a screenplay based on one of his short stories. His book Everything Is an Afterthought, an anthology/biography collecting the work, and recounting the life, of the critic Paul Nelson, is being published by Feral House. Other works in progress include a novel and a short story collection. He also manages Mere Words Media Relations, an independent public relations firm providing a full array of affordable publicity services.